Frontend Service

Again, we can take advantage of opinionated tooling to deploy our service using best practices.

When a service team wants to build a new service, they can include their own mu.yml and inherit best practices such as blue/green deploys, healthchecks, and autoscaling for their service.

  desiredCount: 3
  maxSize: 6
  port: 3000
  - /*
  networkMode: awsvpc
    BACKEND_API: "http://api.internal.service:80"

In this file, we define the service and how it should run. We want a minimum of 3 containers of our service running, for redundancy. These will automatically be spread across our 3 availability zones.

Autoscaling will be configured with a maximum of 6 containers.

The containers listen on port 3000, and ALB should be configured to route all paths to these containers.

We’re using awsvpc networking mode, so each container will get it’s own ENI.

When each container is launched, it will have a custom environment variable set so the application knows the URL of the backend api.