Setup Container Insights

Application setup

In this section we will setup Container insights for the sample application in this workshop here. If you haven’t set it up yet, go ahead and setup the cluster on ECS Fargate and come back here.

Get the cluster name

Execute the following command. This will list the ECS clusters that are in your account and region

aws ecs list-clusters

Enable Container Insights

Execute the following command to enable Container Insights on the cluster. This command will enable Service and Cluster level insights on your ECS cluster

aws ecs update-cluster-settings --cluster ${clustername}  --settings name=containerInsights,value=enabled --region ${AWS_REGION}

Enable Instance Level Insights

The following command will install Instance level insights on the ECS cluster.

aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name CWAgentECS-$clustername-${AWS_REGION} --template-body --parameters ParameterKey=ClusterName,ParameterValue=$clustername ParameterKey=CreateIAMRoles,ParameterValue=True --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM --region ${AWS_REGION}

Validate Container Insights is enabled on the ECS Cluster

Execute the following command

aws ecs describe-clusters --cluster ${clustername}

Your output should be similar to the one below. You should see Container Insights being enabled under settings section in the JSON.

    "clusters": [
            "status": "ACTIVE", 
            "statistics": [], 
            "tags": [], 
            "clusterName": "container-demo-ECSCluster-1E4H2VVHM9D2R", 
            "settings": [
                    "name": "containerInsights", 
                    "value": "enabled"
            "registeredContainerInstancesCount": 0, 
            "pendingTasksCount": 0, 
            "runningTasksCount": 9, 
            "activeServicesCount": 3, 
            "clusterArn": "arn:aws:ecs:us-west-2:1234567899:cluster/container-demo-ECSCluster-1E4H2VVHM9D2R"
    "failures": []