Clean up Compute Resources.

Let’s clean up our compute resources first:

Delete our compute resources, starting with the services, then ALB, then ECS Cluster, VPC, etc…

cd ~/environment/ecsdemo-frontend

ecs-cli compose --project-name ecsdemo-crystal service rm --cluster-config fargate-demo
ecs-cli compose --project-name ecsdemo-nodejs service rm --cluster-config fargate-demo
ecs-cli compose --project-name ecsdemo-frontend service rm --delete-namespace --cluster-config fargate-demo

aws cloudformation delete-stack --stack-name fargate-demo-alb
aws cloudformation wait stack-delete-complete --stack-name fargate-demo-alb
aws cloudformation delete-stack --stack-name fargate-demo

Let’s clean up the CodeBuild, CodePipeline, ECS, VPC and IAM resources that mu created. First, you can see what will be deleted by running purge in dryrun mode:

mu -d purge --confirm

To cleanup all the stacks, run:

mu purge --confirm

This will take 10 minutes to cleanup all the stacks.

Go to and delete the token labeled workshop

Go to and delete the key labeled workshop

This removes the token and ssh key used in the workspace. This is good security practice. The public repositories are free and can stay in case you’d like to experiment more in the future, or want to open a pull request for code changes.