Update CodeCommit Repository

Push the source code to the CodeCommit repository

The stack created an empty CodeCommit repository - demo-app. Now we will populate it with a sample demo application.

Clone the demo application

cd ~/environment
git clone https://github.com/smuralee/nginx-example.git

Update the remote origin URL

Change the remote origin to the CodeCommit repository. We fetch the repository URL

cd ~/environment/nginx-example
git remote set-url origin $(aws codecommit get-repository --repository-name demo-app | jq -r '.repositoryMetadata.cloneUrlHttp')

Verify the remote origin url is pointing to the CodeCommit repository

git remote -v

Edit the index.html. We change the background-color to green

  <title>Demo Application</title>
<body style="background-color: green;">
  <h1 style="color: white; text-align: center;">
    Demo application - hosted with ECS

Push the code to the CodeCommit repository

git add .
git commit -m "Changed background to green"
git push
  • The code push has triggered the pipeline execution
  • We have three stages in the pipeline
    • Source
      • Pull down the code from the git repository
      • Package the code for the build stage
    • Build
      • Build the Docker image from the code
      • Push to the ECR repository
      • Package the artifacts for the deploy stage
    • Deploy
      • Initiate the blue/green deployment for the ECS service


  • Next we will review the deployment